Release Notes - Week Ending September 22nd, 2017

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“Join” button would sometimes not appear for a webinar session

If an Event was defined to be a webinar, on some occasions the “Join” button would not display on the Enrollment page for any Sessions defined for it. This bug appeared recently and has been addressed so that the “Join” button will display for webinar events.


Accessibility improved for images in the system

We’ve enhanced the Section 508 Web Accessibility capabilities (for people with disabilities) of the LMS by improving the content of <alt> tags for images system-wide. Now, individuals using screen readers, for example, will encounter contextually rich <alt> tag data in their account.


Certificates no longer awarded retroactively

Currently, when a certificate is added to an activity, all previous enrollments will display the ability to download the certificate. This was an issue since the Student didn’t actually earn the certificate at the time they completed the activity. Moving forward, certificates will only be awarded if the activity is completed after the certificate is added to the activity.


Microdegree award process fixes

We’ve fixed a few issues with how Microdegrees are revoked from a Student:

  • If an administrator switches a Student’s enrollment from ‘passed’ to ‘failed’ or the Student fails an enrollment after passing a previous enrollment (for an activity awarding a Microdegree), then any earned Microdegree for that activity will be revoked (i.e., the Student will not see it on their Profile page).
  • If an administrator removes a Microdegree from an activity which a Student has already completed, the Microdegree for that activity will be revoked (i.e., the Student will not see it on their Profile page).


“Is Restricted” field removed from Session Import file

The “is Restricted” field, which was previously column K in the Bulk Session Import file, has been removed since it didn’t impact any group restrictions at the Session level. If you need to import group restrictions for sessions or events, please contact your Account Strategist.


“Is Public” field removed from Activity Import file

In preparation for New Catalog functionality coming next month, the “is Public” field has been removed from the Bulk Activity Import file since it didn’t impact any activity functionality.



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