Release Notes - Week Ending September 8th, 2017

(Note: for a technical list of fixes/enhancements, click here.)




Branding Organization added to waitlist filter

In order to make it easier for administrators to filter Students on the waitlist, we have added the ability to view by Branding Organization when using the advanced filter on the Requests page:



60- and 90-day after completion date reminder options added to ‘Any Completed’ letter trigger

When creating a new letter trigger for an activity, we have added the following two new options for the ‘Remind’ field:

  • 60 days after completion date
  • 90 days after completion date


These new options are useful if, for example, you send surveys out to users but find that 30 days is not enough time to collect substantial feedback.



Editing Remind times for a letter trigger shows unrelated options

If an administrator accessed the properties of an activity and edited an existing letter trigger which included a ‘Remind’ field (i.e., In-Progress: Due Date Reminder or Completed: Any Completed trigger types), the options that would display for the Remind field wouldn’t be applicable:


We have fixed this problem so that the correct Remind options will display when editing these trigger types.


‘Language Master Code’ not populating on imports for File activities

If an administrator processed an activity import file that included a File activity which had an associated Language Master Code, the import would process fine except that the File activity would not show any Language Master activity (based on the imported code).

This bug has been fixed so that the Language Master Code for a file activity will successfully process via an import.

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