Release Notes - Week Ending September 1st, 2017

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OpenID Connect SSO Configuration added

In addition to SAML, we have added OpenID Connect as an alternative method for SSO Configuration to the system. OpenID Connect is a simple identity layer built on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which allows verifying the identity of an end user based on the authentication performed by an authorization server or identity provider.


Created Date changed to Published Date on Activities page

On the Activities page for admins, we used to show the Created date for each activity. However, when an administrator edited the Published date for an activity (to reflect changes to a property, uploaded file, link, etc.), it was confusing to show that same Created date on the Activities page instead of the Published date. To reduce the confusion, we are now showing the Published date (labeled as such) on the Activities page:



New Report type: Path Content

A new report type has been added to the Reporting tool! The "Path Content" report will allow administrators to view the activities (content) within a Path. By default, the report will display the following columns:

  • Path Name
  • Path Code
  • Activity Name
  • Activity Code
  • Activity Author






Linked videos shorter than 30 seconds marked complete before started

If a video was linked to (for a Link activity), and was less than 30 seconds in length, it would be marked complete before the Student started playing it. In response to this issue, moving forward, any linked video that is less than one minute in length will be marked complete only if the last 6 seconds of the video is reached. If the video is greater than one minute in length, the current 30 second threshold will still apply for completion.


Account Owner functionality changes on Billing page

For the defined Account Owner in each client account, we've made a couple of fixes to functionality on the Billing page they can access:

  1. Some restricted admin and inactive unrestricted admin were appearing in the "Change Account Owner" dropdown. This has been fixed so that only active unrestricted admin will appear in the list.
  2. The Usage and Storage statistics on the page were being updated in real time, however this slowed down performance when new users were created and when users logged into the LMS. To address this, we are now updating these statistics on a nightly basis.

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