Release Notes - Week Ending August 18th, 2017

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Restricted Admin descriptive text updated to specify activity and editing permissions

We’ve updated the text on an activity’s Properties page to clarify the Restricted Admin permission. It now states that both enrollment and activity editing permissions will be given to restricted admin with specified activities set in their admin roles. Note that activity permissions can still be turned off for individual Restricted Admin via the ‘Activities edit’ field on their User Properties page.


More Security Audit improvements

As a result of a recent security audit, we’ve addressed a few ‘session’ issues in the LMS (where session means an individual user’s time in the system):

  • If you are not active in the LMS after one month, you will be logged out and will need to log back into the system the next time you try to access it.
  • If you change your password, you will be logged out of the LMS on any other browser or device that you are logged in from (i.e., all other active sessions).

Assessment recommendation will cause elected, in-progress enrollment to be “recommended”

If a Student has an existing in-progress enrollment that they enrolled in themselves (i.e., an elected enrollment), and they complete an Assessment that has a question pool which recommends that same activity, then the enrollment type for the activity will change from elected to recommended. Also, the “Enrollment created by” field for the enrollment will change to the assessment name, and the “Enrollment metadata relationship reason” will change to the expected assessment recommendation reason.



Creator and Created Date added to Activity, Group and Branding Organization Property pages

At the bottom of the Property page for Activities, Groups and Branding Organizations, we’ve added the name of the Creator as well as the Created Date. Note that this information already existed on the bottom of the User Properties page. Clicking on the ID number (Course, Group or Organization) in this text will take you to the Audit Log.


User in “Completed” status for updated course redirected to re-enroll

If a Student is in a Completed status for an eLearning course (SCORM or AICC), and subsequently an administrator updates the course package for that activity, if the Student then tried to resume or review the course they would see a Flash message stating that the course could not be launched because the course contents were updated. Now, when the Student tries to access the course they will be taken to the enrollment page and instead of seeing the “Review” button, they will see a message stating “The content for this course has been updated. To access the most current content for this course, please re-enroll here.” When the Student clicks on the “here” link they will be able to re-enroll in the course again.



Calendar invites not sent when Session name is very long

If the full name of a Session was greater than 255 characters long, any calendar invites that are setup for the Session would not get sent out. We have fixed this issue so that calendar invites will be emailed regardless of Session name length.

Error received when trying to join a webinar with a URL ending in spaces

If a webinar Session was set up with a URL that ended in spaces, when a Student tried to join the webinar via the “Join” button, they would receive an error. This issue has been addressed and we are now stripping any ending spaces from the URL to prevent this error from occurring.


Date issues corrected in the LMS

We have fixed a few minor date discrepancies that have been encountered in the LMS:

  • Sometimes, the “Last updated” time on a Student’s enrollment would be a day ahead of the time recorded for the activity completion.
  • Depending on the Student’s timezone, Session Date may have displayed as a day prior to the actual date assigned.

Assessment analytics metric totals do not match data on Assessment reports when enrollments are deleted

The Analytics page for some Assessments was showing response totals that did not match the data being reported via the Assessment reports. In one example, the totals from the Analytics page had a count of 348 correct and 164 incorrect answers, for a total of 512 responses. However, when the Assessment Response Questions report was run on that Assessment, it reported 291 correct and 61 incorrect answers for 352 total responses. This was occurring due to deleted enrollments. We have fixed this bug so that the response totals are now accurate in both places.

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