Release Notes - Week Ending August 11th, 2017

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Restricted administrators with no user access will not see User tab in menu

This hotfix was released on 08/04/2017. If a Restricted Administrator is not allowed to create and edit users,


then they will be unable to access the User List page, either via direct URL or the User icon in the left-hand toolbar. This strengthens the User security so that a Restricted Administrator must have User Management authority (via the field above) to see the User lists and modify enrollments. A Restricted Administrator without this permission could still access enrollments for an activity via the Activities icon (given they have the Activities permission).


Email addresses will be converted to all lowercase

Previously, email addresses were case sensitive, meaning that '' and '' were both valid. This, however, bypasses the uniqueness validation that occurs on the email address field. To fix this loophole, we are now converting all emails to lowercase characters so that duplicate user accounts cannot be created.

Note that the forcing of unique email addresses is set at the account level and you may request this be turned on or off via your Account Strategist or submitting a support ticket.


Log entries added for Event/Session actions

To help in the troubleshooting of Event and Session actions (including cancellations), in both the Log Entries report and in System Logs, we have added log data that tracks when calendar communication is sent out, as well as what type of action (update/delete) occurred.



Total number of members added to Groups page

We have added a new column to the Group List page, which displays the total number of members of each group listed:






Small number of nightly recurring reports were producing a queue error

In a few rare instances, some recurring reports that were generating overnight encountered a queue error and failed to run. We have corrected this problem by ensuring that a unique output filename is generated for every report that runs to avoid contention in the queue.



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