Release Notes - Week Ending August 4th, 2017

(Note: for a technical list of fixes/enhancements, click here.)




Simple validation added to Email field on User Profile

To prevent errors from occurring when email is sent to non-valid email addresses, we have added basic validation to Users’ email on their User Profile. Now during User Profile edits and imports, an error will display if an invalid email is entered.


Activity status for previously completed activities in a Path enhanced

If a Path is set up so that activity eligibility is set for all learning activities,


and a Student completes an activity but subsequently is re-enrolled in the same activity, the activity’s status wouldn’t update until the Student accessed the Path activity again on their My List page. This would send out any email notifications (if setup) to Students until they accessed the Path activity. We have enhanced the activity status processing so that shortly after completing an activity in a Path, its status is updated.




Some multi-line Flash notices wouldn’t display

Recently, we implemented a fix to expand Flash notices (text that displays at the top of the screen in response to a user action) to display on more than one line. Subsequently, a bug appeared that prevented some multi-line Flash notices from displaying at all. We have fixed the bug and now all multi-line Flash notices will display fine.


Students completing a Survey encounter error

Some students were encountering an error message after completing a Survey (when clicking on the “X” icon at the end of the Survey). This issue has been corrected so that no error appears.


Date not appearing in Last Login column on User List page

On the User List page, the “Last Login” column should include both the date and the time, however the date wasn’t showing:


This has been addressed so that the date now displays in the Last Login column.




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