Release Notes - Week Ending July 28th, 2017

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Assessment Question types can no longer be changed after any user responses made

Prior to this enhancement, an administrator could change the question type of an assessment question after Students had already submitted responses to that question. This would cause a few issues, including inaccurate reporting or even broken reports. Moving forward, once responses have been received for an assessment question, the question type cannot be changed.


New Category Integration and Report

A new integration to bulk update categories has been added to the LMS, as well as a new report type to report on Category data. For the import, the following fields are available:

  • Name (required)
  • Description
  • Code
  • Is_Active (default = “true”)

Updates in the integration will be made when a match is made on the “Code” field only. If no code exists for a category, no updates will be made for it. To implement this integration, please contact your Account Strategist, or submit a Help ticket.

For the new Category report type, the following fields are available:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Description
  • Code
  • Is_Active
  • Category_Tags_Count




API error messages enhanced

We’ve added length validation to string fields so that if any errors are encountered during an API call, more precise error messages will be communicated.


Help text added for Catalog Feature Link images

On the Branding Organization Properties page, when uploading an image for a specific Catalog Featured Link, we have added help text to designate the recommended image size.



“Re-enroll” message added to Enrollment page for completed eLearning that’s changed in History

Normally, when a Student completes an eLearning course (either SCORM or AICC), that activity appears on their History page, and the course can be reviewed by clicking on the “Review” button after the activity is clicked on. However, if an administrator subsequently updates the eLearning course package, that course shouldn’t be reviewable (since it’s now a “different” course, regardless of what updates were made). As a result, we have replaced the “Review” button in this situation with a text link stating “To access the most current content for this course, please re-enroll here.” This allows the Student to click the link and enroll in the updated course.




Achievement (microdegree) fields do not work in quick filter for reports

When creating/editing a report with “User certification” fields in it (related to achievements), trying to use those fields in the Quick Filter area to narrow the report results would result in a generic error page.


This problem has been fixed so that the Quick Filter can be successfully used with these criteria.


Letter issues have been addressed

The following issues with Letters have been fixed:

  • Searching from the Letter List page encountered an error
  • Editing and saving a change to a Letter encountered an error
  • When navigating to the Letter List page, it wouldn’t load the complete list of Letters


Roster export shouldn’t be available on Path enrollments screen

On the Enrollments page for a Path activity, the Roster dropdown was appearing by mistake:


If an admin tried downloading a roster from this page an error would display. The Roster dropdown should only appear for Session activities, which allows exporting the roster to CSV or PDF file. We have corrected the issue by removing the Roster dropdown from the Path Enrollments page.


Students aren’t returned to Evaluation enrollment page after completing peer evaluation

If a Student chose a peer to evaluate and then completed the evaluation, they found that they were redirected to their My List page. To allow the Student the ability to review another peer, we are now redirecting the Student back to the Evaluation enrollment page after clicking the Evaluation assessment Close (“X”) button.


Peer Evaluation in Path shouldn’t display attempt limit

For all activities, showing the text “x of y Attempts Remaining” represents the number of times a Students can attempt an activity within a Path. However, for peer evaluations in a Path, “attempts remaining” is confusing since a Student may want to evaluate all peers in the peer pool. Therefore, we have removed the attempts remaining text for peer evaluations in a Path.




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