Release Notes - Week Ending July 21st, 2017

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Session fields added to Assessment Responses report

For the Assessment Responses report, 10 session fields have been added which can be filtered on or displayed in the report:





Setting “Repeat” duration on a Session Date without specifying End Date displays two error messages

If an admin creates or edits a Session Date and sets the Duration to repeat (either daily, weekly or monthly) and doesn’t supply an end date, the error message shown will display twice:


We have fixed this issue so that any related error message will only display once.


“Survey code” field displayed twice in Activities report

In the Activities report, the “Survey code” field was displaying twice in the query filter. The first occurrence of this field has been changed to “Survey name” so that a survey name can be chosen.



Hyperlinks in Flash notices showed HTML code

If any Flash notice that appeared in the system contained an HTML link, the raw HTML code would display instead of the underlined text link.


This has been corrected so that any HTML will display as a text-underlined hyperlink.


E-learning in Path showed 0% score if in progress

If a Path contained an E-learning activity, any Student who was in progress in that activity would see a “0%” score next to the Status on the Path enrollment page. Since the score should only show upon completion of the activity, we have removed the score from displaying while the activity is in progress.


Shouldn’t be able to create groups with same name

An admin was able to create a group whose name was the same as another group. We’ve removed this ability and now an error message will be received if this is attempted:



Updated field name in Assessment reports

In the Assessment Responses and Assessment Response Questions report types, the column “Course category” has been updated to the current name “Activity category.”


“Activity category” field in filter produces “Invalid Selection”

If an admin used the “Activity category” field in a report’s query filter, no results would return and an “Invalid Selection” message would display. We have fixed this bug so that the “Activity category” field can be used in query filters without issue.


Incorrect instructions on Bulk Activity and Bulk Session Import screens

On the Bulk Activity and Bulk Session Import pages, the instructions at the top of the page incorrectly referred to “user” information. The text has been updated to state that “Even if you do not have information for every column, you should still include every column in the file.” and “Each additional row after the header row should contain a unique record.”



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