Release Notes - Week Ending July 14th, 2017

(Note: for a technical list of fixes/enhancements, click here.)




Added Achievement fields to Activities report

Both the “Certification name” and “Certification description” fields have been added to the Activities type report, so that moving forward this data can be reported on for this report type.


Admin can now easily print certificates for an individual user

We have added the ability for an administrator to print a certificate for a particular activity from the activity’s or user's enrollment page. When filtering an activity or user by completed enrollments, an admin can select a user and click on the “Show” button. Scrolling down in the pop-up, a new “Download Certificate” button appears and can be clicked to download and print that activity’s certificate.





Very long error messages on course uploads wouldn’t display

If a course upload contained a very long filename and caused any error message generated to be longer than 255 characters, the error message wouldn’t display (nor get added to the log). We have fixed this problem to truncate the error message down to 255 characters so it will display.




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