Release Notes - Week Ending June 9th, 2017

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New dynamic variable for Letters - @session_external_url@

A new dynamic Session Variable, @session_external_url@, is available when creating Letters. From a particular Session Date, this variable will populate from the “URL” field for a physical meeting, which typically contains a link to an external virtual conferencing site, or if you are using an integrated Web Conferencing tool (e.g., WebEx, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining) then it will populate with the meeting’s URL.



Dynamic Enrollment Date variables enhanced and are localised

Available in Letters, the @enrollment_due_on@ and @enrollment_completed_on@ variables used to show an abbreviated day and month (e.g., Tue, Jun 13, 2017). These variables will now display the full day and month (e.g., Tuesday, June 13, 2017) as well as be localised (translated) to the recipient’s default language.


Admins can now choose to restrict display of the “Join” button for Session Dates

When adding or editing a Date to a Session, administrators now have the option to choose whether to restrict the visibility of the “Join” button up to 30 minutes prior to the session starting. A new “Join Access” checkbox has been added to the New Date and Edit Date pop-ups:


To restrict the Join button from displaying prior to 30 minutes before the session starts, then you will need to check the Join Access field. By default, the field is unchecked and will not enforce this restriction, meaning the Join button will always display (unless the session has already occurred).

Note that for existing sessions and newly created session dates, the Join button will be visible by default.


New dynamic “Recommended by/Required by” field for enrollments

When an administrator creates or edits an enrollment, a new dynamic field is now available. Depending on whether the Type of enrollment is set to “Recommended” or “Required,” the new field label will display “Recommended by” or “Required by,” and the field will be editable. The field will initially default to the name of the administrator who created the enrollment (if done manually).


Any text string can be entered in the field (e.g., Admin, Your HR Team, etc.) and the field can be left blank as well.

A new ‘created_by’ field has been added to enrollment imports and integrations so that this data can be fed in via those automations. In Reports, the existing “Enrollment Created By” variable will no longer be a fixed value of “Username” or “AutoEnrollment,” but will instead display the contents of the new field.


New Datepicker component rolling out

We have begun integrating a new Datepicker component that, over the coming weeks, will eventually replace all date picker (calendar) widgets in the user interface with one consistent widget that adheres to the ISO (YYYY-MM-DD) format. This will also allow localisation (translation) of the date into the user’s default language. For this week’s release, the following Student-based calendar fields have been converted to the new Datepicker:

  • “Hired On” field on the User Profile (if enabled)
  • “Date” and “Expires On” fields when adding or editing an External Credit
  • “Date Range” fields on the Upcoming page in the Catalog






Sessions with physical locations were seeing “Join up to 30 mins before start time” message

If a Student enrolled in a Session navigates to the Enrollment page for the session, they would see the “Join up to 30 mins before start time” message for each Session Date, even if the Session was a physical session (i.e., no link in the URL field).


We have corrected this so that physical sessions will not show this message.


Forced Timezone reset wasn’t enforced when Password reset was required

There was a conflict in the system when the following circumstances occurred:

  • ‘Force Timezone Select’ field in Account Settings was selected (this forces users to choose a timezone when they first access the system)
  • ‘Require Reset’ field in a User’s properties is selected (this requires the user to change their password the next time they log in)

 As a result of this, if the User tried to log in, they’d be prompted to change their password but wouldn’t see the Reset Timezone screen. We have fixed this so that in this scenario the User will be prompted to reset their password AND set their timezone. Note that if the user is resetting their password via an email link, after resetting their password and setting their timezone they will be logged directly in the system, instead of having to log in again.


Activity icon overlaps with course information in IE11

If you use Internet Explorer 11, when viewing an enrollment the rectangular Activity icon (which displays if no Activity Cover Art is uploaded) would overlap with the Activity type, Activity description and Launch button:


This issue has been fixed so that no overlap occurs.


Enrollment imports were not populating blank “Type” field

If an enrollment import was done and there was no value in the “Type” field in the CSV file (for ‘recommended’ or ‘required’), the file validation would fail. We have corrected this so that blank values for the “Type” field are accepted via the import, however they will automatically be converted to the default value of “recommended” in the system.



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