Intellum Academy

Screen_Shot_2017-06-02_at_11.50.25_AM.pngIntellum Academy is our client training portal and an extension of our Help Desk!

In Intellum Academy, LMS admin are prompted to create a new profile, separate from their LMS account, and enroll in training to increase their product knowledge and admin capabilities. We are frequently updating our support and training materials and adding new items.


Follow the steps below to create a new profile


Create A New Profile in Intellum Academy

1. Navigate to Exceed LMS - Admin Basic Training

2. Create a new profile by selecting "Sign Up for New Account" 


 3. During registration, fill in all fields and enter the Registration Code: ExceedLMS.

4. Once your account is created, you will be taken directly to Admin Basic Training. 
Certified Exceed LMS Administrator Microdegree is awarded to Admin upon completion!
You can revisit the site by selecting the linked training above or by go to


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