Utilizing Language Master

In this article, we will describe how to utilize the optional "Language Master" functionality available for all activities. This feature enables two additional fields on the Activity Properties page: Language and Language Master.

Note: To have this functionality enabled for your account, please reach out to your Account Strategist or submit a Help ticket.

With the Language Master functionality, administrators can set up an activity hierarchy that allows defining one activity as the "master" activity, and other activities in other languages be mapped to the master activity. The effect of this is the administrator can then send out one Enrollment URL to Students for the master activity only and the system will automatically enroll those Students in their language-specific activity (if mapped to the master).

For example, let's say I have a Link activity named "5 Ways to Research Potential Customers." I want to set this as my "master" activity, so on the Activity Properties page I scroll down and select "English" from the Language dropdown, but leave the "Language Master" field blank:


This sets English as the language for this master activity.

Next, I would access another language-specific version of this activity. Let's say I created a French-language version of the same activity named "5 Façons de Rechercher vos Clients Potentiels." I need to select "French" for the Language field and then choose the master activity for the Language Master field:


The master activity is the name of the English language activity defined earlier.

Now that these two activities are set up, any administrator can send out the Enrollment URL of the master activity to Students who have either English or French defined as their preferred Language on their User Profile.


When Students click on the URL link, the result is that they will be automatically enrolled in the correct language version of the activity. In other words, any Students whose locale is English will be enrolled into the "5 Ways to Research Your Potential Customers" activity, while any Students whose locale is French will be enrolled into the "5 Façons de Rechercher vos Clients Potentiels" activity, all by being sent the master activity's Enrollment URL. Students whose preferred Language is set to anything other than "French" will receive the English language version.

To include other language-specific activities in this approach, an administrator would simply create as many activities as needed, define the Language on each, and have them all point to "5 Ways to Research Your Potential Customers" in the Language Master field.

By utilizing this feature, an administrator can save time by just sending out one enrollment link to have Students automatically enroll into the correct, language-specific activity.



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