Release Notes - Week Ending June 2nd, 2017

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“Assessment response question grade” column not displaying accurate data in reports

This bug materialized if an administrator had set up an instructor-graded assessment and defined points for each of the questions. After Student(s) completed the assessment and the instructor graded each of the text or video questions, any report that included the “Assessment response question grade” column would show the values originally defined in the Points field for each question, and not the graded values that the instructor assigned.

We have fixed this bug so that the “Assessment response question grade” column in reports will show the actual graded values given by the instructor.


Flash notice text wasn’t wrapping

Whenever a user experienced a flash notice on a page in the system (e.g., the warning that displays at the top of a page when you omit entering a required field), the text of the flash notice wouldn’t wrap, therefore being cut off on small displays and mobile devices:


We have corrected this issue so that all flash notices will text wrap if needed on all display sizes.



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