Release Notes - Week Ending May 26th, 2017

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Enrollment type value selection now is a dropdown

Following up on last week’s Recommended vs. Required Activities enhancement, we have improved the selection of the “Enrollment type” in the Enrollment filter, which can be accessed on the Activity Enrollments or User Enrollments page, or via the Report query for any of Enrollment-type reports. Instead of a text field, the Enrollment type selection is now represented by a dropdown, with the three enrollment types of “required,” “recommended,” and “elected” selectable:



Queue Log contains additional information for administrators

On the Queue Log page, administrators will now be able to see job progress and status. The “Status” column has been replaced by an “Integration Progress” column that will display job progress and status information for each in-process job.



User Compliance features removed

We’ve removed the following user compliance features from the LMS:

  • The User Compliant column no longer displays on the User List page. The red dot indicated whether a Student had any overdue, required activities.


  • Also, the “User compliant” field will no longer be available to select in report queries nor available to display as a column in the report output for User-type reports. Reports that already exist with this data will still display it when refreshed, however the data will not be accurate.


Note, this is not to be confused with last week’s removal of the Enrollment status dot on an Activity’s Enrollments page (the dot was orange when the enrollment was required, and red when it was overdue). This functionality has been replaced by the “Type” column, which now indicates whether an enrollment is required, recommended or elected. The “Due Date” column still displays and will show red when the enrollment is overdue.



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