Release Notes - Week Ending May 19th, 2017

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Recommended vs. Required Activities

Previously, when an Admin enrolled Student(s) into an Activity, there was a choice (via a checkbox) to make the Activity required or not. Now, there is a mandatory field to designate the Activity either “Required” or “Recommended.” In addition, an optional “Type Reason” field has been added so that the Admin can enter in a reason for the selected type designation. The reason text will be available in the student experience in the future.


On the Activity Enrollments list and User Enrollments list screens, the Admin can filter on type (via the new “Enrollment relationship type” field), and in the results there is now a column for “Type” that displays the type of enrollment:



The type and reason fields can also be used in queries and viewable as columns in Enrollment reports, and set in integrations.

From the Student point-of-view, if they enroll in an Activity from the Catalog, request an enrollment in an Activity which needs Admin approval and is then approved, or enroll into an Activity by clicking on an Activity Enrollment URL, they will be enrolled with a type of “elected.”

The Catalog Show page for an Activity and the Enrollment Show pages will now list the origin and reason for a recommended activity:


Finally, the Student’s My List page indicates the type of enrollment:



Expanded Menu Header Enhanced

When the slideout Menu is expanded (by clicking on the menu icon from either Admin or Student view), we have enhanced the account name at the top of the menu, especially if a custom name or logo is displaying. The following changes have been made on the expanded menu:

  • The menu (hamburger) icon no longer displays (to close the expanded menu, just click anywhere off of it)
  • If a custom name is too long for the expanded menu, ellipses will display
  • If a custom name or logo is used, the Exceed logo no longer displays in the expanded menu
  • Fading in and out of the name/logo



Added Activity Code when adding an existing Activity to a Path

If an Admin is adding an existing Activity to a Path, in the ‘Add Existing Activity’ pop-up window, in addition to the activity type and activity name, we are now showing the activity code (which is an optional field, so not all activities may have a code).



Queue performance improved

We’ve been hard at work making improvements to how quickly queued jobs get processed. Jobs will now run more efficiently than before as we’ve added to ability to run 2 queue jobs at a time and prevented nightly system jobs from getting blocked by other jobs. All in all, queue backups should be greatly minimized, and only manifest in extreme cases.




‘Join Meeting’ button now hides until 30 minutes before meeting   

As a Student, if you attempted to join a virtual session more than 30 minutes prior to the meeting time, the ‘Join Meeting’ button would be enabled. To prevent users from joining the meeting prematurely, we now display the text “Join up to 30 mins before start time” with a refresh button. We’ve also added text that displays “Ended” if a session occurred in the past.



Icons overlapped in header in web mobile views

If a Student was viewing the application on a mobile device through a web browser, there were two instances where icons would overlap in the header bar:

  1. If a long account name displayed with the app switcher icon, the search toggle icon would be pushed further left, overlapping the long account name. We have fixed this so that the search toggle icon stays to the right, next to the app switcher icon.
  2. The app switcher icon would sometimes overlap the search toggle icon. This has also been fixed so that the two icons stay side-by-side.



Icons overlap with Activity names in IE 11

If a Student was browsing the Catalog Home page or viewing their My List page using Internet Explorer 11, any activities showing the square, default icons (which reflect the activity type) would display the icons overlapping the Activity name:


We have corrected this issue so that there is no overlap using Internet Explorer 11.



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