Release Notes - Week Ending May 12th, 2017

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SCORM/AICC course package upload time improvements

We have enhanced the upload process for SCORM/AICC packages (i.e., attaching a course .zip file to a File activity), so that the course upload will start right away instead of queueing behind other jobs in the system. This will result in much faster course uploads, although depending on the size of the zip file an upload may still take a few minutes to complete. In addition, we’ve improved the information contained in the log entries for courseware uploads, so that the following data is now included:

  • User ID who did the upload
  • Failed jobs will display either an upload exception or a failure to find the resource
  • Successful jobs will show, in addition to the Course ID and filename, the zip file size and course file count


Example of successful job when clicked on:



User Import jobs now run 50% faster

As part of our performance tuning enhancements, we have improved the processing time of User Import jobs by 50%! Regardless of whether the import is done via an integration setup on the back end or via the user interface, you will notice a marked improvement in the speed of these jobs.




Creating a Question Pool with no name gives informative error message   

If you were creating a new Question Pool for Assessments and failed to give the Pool a name, you would receive a generic ‘500’ error. We have fixed this so that the error message “Pool name is required” displays.



In-Progress Path Enrollment counts sometimes differed amongst views

Sometimes, when an admin viewed the number of In-Progress enrollments for a Path on the Activities page, the total count of In-Progress enrollments would differ from the number displayed on the Enrollments page of that Path activity. We have fixed this issue so that, regardless of how Students are enrolled, the two In-Progress enrollment totals will be the same.


Editing a True/False question wouldn’t save

If an admin edited an existing True/False question for an Assessment (via the ‘Questions’ tab for the Assessment activity) and tried to save the edit, an error page would display stating “Oops, looks like something is broken.” The message was correct - something was broken - but we’ve fixed it! Now True/False questions can be edited and saved with no worries.


Restricted Admin could see Assessment responses of all users regardless of permission

If a Restricted Admin navigated to the Responses tab of an Assessment, they were able to see the responses of all Students in the system, regardless of their ‘User Restrictions’ setting on their User Profile. We have fixed this problem so that if the Restricted Admin’s ‘User Restrictions’ setting is either “People in specified groups” or “People that have [Restricted Admin] set as their manager,” the Restricted Admin will only see those user’s Assessment responses that they have permission to see based on that setting.



Session Integrations wouldn’t change data if certain columns were the only ones with edits

If an admin attempted to run a Session Integration (either via the Import button on the Session List page or via an integration) and only had data that changed in one column of the file (e.g., start time or location), that data would not get updated. We have corrected this issue so that Session Integrations consisting of files that only have data changes in one column of data will be successful.


Deleting Activities from a Path section sometimes did not update “X of Y” requirement count

If an admin had set the requirements for a Path section to be:

  • “Complete in Any Order,” and
  • Number of required activities to be “X of Y” (instead of “All”)

then if the admin subsequently deletes an Activity from the section, the count wouldn’t be reset to “All” if X = Y in the Student’s view of the Path. We have fixed this bug so that the count will be reset to “All” if X = Y after the deletion. For example, if the number of required activities is set to “3 of 5” (meaning 3 of the 5 Activities in the section must be completed), the Student will see the text “Complete 3 in any order.”


If an admin then deletes one of the five Activities, they will be required to complete 3 of the remaining 4 activities and will still see “Complete 3 in any order.” However, if instead they were originally required to complete 4 out of 5 Activities in the section, the initial text would read “Complete 4 in any order.” If an admin then deletes one of the four activities, the text will read “Complete all in any order.”




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