Release Notes - Week Ending May 5th, 2017

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Enrollment Filter now uses a dropdown list of available statuses

In order to improve the response time in the user interface, we have changed the Enrollment Filter to show a dropdown for all of the available enrollment statuses, instead of using an autocomplete field. You can see this change on the Enrollments tab for an activity, by selecting ‘Advanced’ from the ‘Filter’ dropdown, or in an Enrollment report.





Restricted Admin with Reports setting to ‘Off’ still showed up in Admin Permissions for Reports

If a Restricted Admin had, on their User Properties page, their Reports setting set to ‘Off,’ they were still being listed as Restricted Admin who were available to be given admin permission on a Report via the Admin Permissions pop-up box:


We have fixed this problem so that Restricted Admin whose Reports setting is set to ‘Off’ will not be listed in the Admin Permissions pop-up for any Report.


Some SCORM package uploads were disappearing from activities

We have fixed an issue where a small number of uploaded SCORM packages were inadvertently being deleted from activities in some client accounts. This issue arose on March 20th, however we have corrected the problem and recovered all of the course packages that have been affected. Therefore, if you were experiencing this issue you should see the activity’s SCORM zip file restored in the course properties.


Error message for incorrect Course package file type fixed

If you tried to upload a file that wasn’t in zip format for an existing SCORM or AICC File activity, you would receive a generic error message. We have fixed this issue so that an error message is displayed stating that you must upload a file in zip format.


Error Message for Date Field in Report Quick Filter fixed

When accessing the Quick Filter for a saved Report, if data of the wrong format was entered into a date field, a generic error message would be returned. We have fixed this issue so that a contextual message about the wrong date value will display instead. For example, the following incorrect date entry:


Will now result in the following error message:



Incorrect warning message appeared for Course Activity with no associated file in a Path

If a SCORM or AICC activity didn’t have an associated file defined for it (e.g., if an admin deleted the file via the Properties page), and the activity was included in a Path, when a Student tried to access the course activity they received the following message: “This activity package is currently being processed, please try again shortly.” We have corrected this message - it now displays “This activity does not currently have a courseware package associated with it. Please contact your administrator for more information.”




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