Release Notes - Week Ending April 21st, 2017

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New column added to Bulk Activity Import

FYI, we have added a new column of data to the Bulk Activity Import:

  • Difficulty - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Please note that this field will be used in an upcoming feature of the LMS.


‘View Schedule’ link added to Sessions with multiple dates defined

If a Student browsed the catalog or viewed upcoming sessions to look at a session that had multiple dates defined for it, only the first date would display. The Student wouldn’t see the full date schedule until after enrolling in the session. We’ve made the student experience better by including a “View Schedule” link for each session that has multiple dates on the Upcoming Sessions and Event pages in the Catalog.





Restricted Admins no longer can delete Reports they do not own

Previously, Restricted Admins could delete Reports that they were able to access via the revised permissions in the system, even if they didn’t originally create the Reports. Moving forward, Restricted Admins will only be able to delete those Reports they created.


SCORM/AICC activity without content package in a Path displays incorrect message

If a File activity was created that had a courseware (either SCORM or AICC) package uploaded, and subsequently the package was deleted, when viewing the activity in a Path a message would display stating “Activity is processing and will be available shortly.” We have corrected this message to instead display “This activity does not currently have a courseware package associated with it.”



Double clicks on buttons handled as single click

If a user accidentally double-clicked on a button in the LMS (for example, the “Create User” button), sometimes the system would treat the double-click as two single clicks and try to do the action twice (so in our example, it would try to create the user twice).

We have addressed this issue across the LMS and now accidental double-clicks will be treated as single clicks. The user will see the button disable and the text change (i.e.., the “Create User” button will be disabled and its text changes to “Creating.”) while the button click is processed.


Tabbing through answer choices on multiple-choice questions

We have fixed the tabbing when an administrator is editing the answer choices for a multiple-choice question. When the cursor is focused on the text for an answer choice, pressing the Tab key moves the cursor to the next answer choice (and conversely, SHIFT + Tab moves the cursor to the previous answer choice). If the cursor is on the final answer choice and Tab is pressed, a new answer choice is created for the admin to add text to.


Links in Activity Properties ‘Description’ and Assessment ‘Question’ fields weren’t styled properly

If a hyperlink was included in the Description text for an activity, or in the Question text for an Assessment activity, the link text wouldn’t be displayed with a different color (denoting a link). We have corrected this issue so that the link text is displayed in color. Note that the Question field doesn’t have an editor, so the HTML for the hyperlink must be typed in directly.




Duplicate Report values removed from output

Sometimes, on some Reports that returned more than 1000 rows of data, admins would see duplicate rows of data being returned:


While this do not occur in most cases, when it did, it happened consistently. We have fixed this bug so that duplicate rows will not occur.



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