Release Notes - Week Ending April 14th, 2017

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Custom Favicon now appears in the secondary window for a launched course

Previously, when a Student launched a SCORM or AICC course in a secondary window, the favicon that displayed would be the generic Exceed image.

Now, if there is a defined custom favicon (set in the Branding Organization properties), that favicon will display in the window where the course was launched (in addition, of course, to the main LMS window). Please note that browsers cache favicons very aggressively, so those Students who have previously launched the course may not immediately see the favicon change unless they clear their cache.





Instructor-graded Assessment fields do not default to ‘Off’

When creating a new Instructor-graded Assessment, administrators would find that the “Notify Instructor of Learner Submission” and “Notify Learner of Instructor Grade” fields would both be defaulted to “On.”


We have corrected this behavior so that these two fields default to “Off” like the other Assessment Properties fields. Note that existing Instructor-graded Assessments will not be impacted by this change.


Restricted Admin couldn’t see Activities populated in Quick Filter for Activity Enrollments Report

If a Restricted Administrator was setup with the following permissions on their User Properties page:

  • Reports set to “All reports”
  • Activities set to “Off”

then when the Restricted Admin went into an Activity Enrollments report and tried to choose an activity within the Quick Filter, they would not see all of the activities in the system.


We have fixed this issue so that the Restricted Admin will see all of the active activities.


Administrator unable to attach Document, Image or Video to an Assessment Question

If an administrator edited a Question in an Assessment and tried to attach a Document, Image or Video to the question, they would be unable to do so because the Upload button didn’t appear. This bug has been fixed so that the Upload button displays and an attachment can be uploaded.


Saving and Deleting Activity Cover Art/Hero Image sometimes caused problems

Administrators experienced a couple of unique issues when dealing with Activity Cover Art and Hero Images:

  • When uploading a new file by clicking “Choose File” then clicking on the “Save” button, the Save button would still be active while the file was saving. We have fixed this so that the Save button is disabled while the save is occurring.
  • When clicking the “Delete activity cover art” or “Delete hero image” link, after confirmation, the link would still display, even though the image was deleted. We have fixed this as well so that the link disappears when the image does!




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