Release Notes - Week Ending April 7th, 2017

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Exporting a Report to Excel improved

Previously, when exporting a Report to the Excel format, the exporter didn’t create a truly optimized Excel filetype. Now, when exporting to Excel, the file shouldn’t produce any errors opening in Excel and the contained data should be preserved as expected.





Assessment with ‘Upload’ Question Type was broken

Since last week’s release, if you had an Assessment that included the ‘Upload’ question type, a Student taking the Assessment would be unable to upload a file for that question. We have fixed this issue so that the upload now works again.


Ampersand characters didn’t work in Catalog Search

When a user searched the Catalog and used a search term that included an ampersand (&), the search term wasn’t parsed correctly (since the ampersand wasn’t included in the search). We have corrected this issue and now ampersand characters will work in the Catalog search function.


‘Managers Full Name’ not displaying correctly in User Enrollments reports

If an administrator ran a User Enrollments report and included the ‘Managers Full Name’ column, this column would display the User’s name instead of the Manager’s name:


This issue has been addressed, and now the Managers Full Name field will pull the Manager’s name from the User Profile as intended.



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