Release Notes - Week Ending March 31st, 2017

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User Profile error for Microdegree when Activity has been deleted

If a user tried to access their profile in the LMS, and on their profile was listed a Microdegree for an Activity which had been deleted from the system, they would encounter an error. We have fixed this error and you will now be able to see the Microdegree listed, however you will not see the Award screen when clicking on it.


Question number indicator is incorrect in particular scenario

If an Assessment was created that meets the following criteria:

  • Randomize Questions is set to ‘On’
  • Confirmation Page is set to ‘On’

Then when a Student finished the Assessment and edited an answer prior to submission, they would see an incorrect question number on the question screen:


We have fixed this issue so that the question number will display correctly in this narrow circumstance.



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