Release Notes - Week Ending March 24th, 2017

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Message received when searching for In-Progress Activities clarified

If a Student performed a search for activities on the My List page which returned matches for completed activities, but no matches for in-progress activities, the message displayed would be confusing, making it seem as if there were no in-progress activities. We have improved the message text to clarify that no in-progress activities match the search terms.



New Report Permissions clarified

In light of the recent changes to how report permissions are assigned, particularly regarding how Restricted Administrators can now run, create and edit reports, here is a reminder as to what effect the reporting admin settings have on each particular role:

Unrestricted Admin: Can run and download all reports in the account. Can also create and edit reports.

Restricted Admin: A Restricted Admin’s report permissions rely on two settings on their User Properties page:


‘Reports’ setting



Restricted Admin is unable to see any reports in the system

Specified reports

Restricted Admin can only view and download those reports they are specifically given permission on the report’s Admin Permissions pop-up (see below)

All reports

Restricted Admin can view and download all reports in the system


The ‘Reports edit’ field, if set to ‘On,’ will allow the Restricted Admin to create and edit reports that they are permitted to manage, given the permissions defined via the ‘Reports’ setting. If set to ‘Off,’ they will only be able to view, run and download reports that they have been given permission.

On a particular report, under the Actions dropdown, an Unrestricted Admin can define which Restricted Admin have permission to access the report by clicking the ‘Share with other admins’ field and adding as many Restricted Admin as they’d like.


Students: Students cannot access or download reports in the system.


WebM video file format now play inline

Prior to this enhancement, WebM (.webm) videos would only be available as a downloadable file via the Link activity. Now, like our other supported video formats, a WebM video will be identified as a recognized video format and play inline from the Link activity’s Enrollment screen.


Admin Properties page enhancements

In an effort to improve the Administrator experience, we have implemented a number of improvements to the Admin Properties pages to make them more consistent across activity types and easily navigable. The enhancements include:

  • Removing the Branding Properties section and moving the Branding Properties fields to the General section at the top of the page
  • Removing gray horizontal lines between many fields, and using the lines to separate groups of fields that get saved together when edits are made
  • Enforcing consistent capitalization amongst field labels
  • Getting rid of italicized field labels and adding an asterisk (*) to the end of field labels for required fields


Link Activity now accepts URL without full hostname

We used to validate the URL provided for a Link activity to ensure a hostname was provided. However, some clients wish to provide intranet links (e.g., http://go/somewhere) as well. The URL field will now accept URLs without a hostname to accommodate these types of links.


Assessment Questions now accept “0” point value

When creating an Assessment, an Admin can now define (for those question types that have point values), a question that is worth 0 points. These questions do not count towards the score of the Assessment, however for instructor-graded Assessments a comment can still be added to the question.



Custom Login Button text for SAML

When configuring a SAML Single Sign-On configuration for an account, you may now request alternate text to appear on the Login button that users will see. The button text will start with the words “Login with” and you can create text such as “Login with OneLogin” or whatever text you’d like. Please submit a service ticket to request this feature.




Catalog Sort Dropdown overlap

When viewing the All Activities tab on the Catalog page, if a large number of categories was selected or contained long names, the filtered list of categories displaying would encroach on the ‘Sort By’ dropdown.


We have fixed this issue so that the filter text will appear above the dropdowns.


Google registration for an Account only created users for the default branding organization

If you are using Google registration to create users, those users were being created for the default branding organization only, regardless if a subdomain was being used for the registration. We have fixed this so when Google registration is used to create a user on a subdomain for a branding organization, they will be created in that branding organization and not the default.


Comments setting for new activities now set to “Off” by default

To increase performance, we have changed the default setting for the ‘Enabled’ field for Comments to be unchecked. You must set the field to “Active” now for new activities you create. Existing activities are unaffected by this change.



SCORM/AICC package processing failure message changed and email added

When an admin uploads a SCORM or AICC package to a File activity, a message stating “Activity is processing and will be available shortly” is displayed while the package is queued up and processed by the system. If the queued job is successful, the admin receives a message stating so. If the queued job is unsuccessful for any reason, the original message would not change.

We have corrected this issue that the admin will receive the actual error message (in red text) and be notified by email as well.



Microdegrees earned for activities which have enrollment or award deleted won’t show Award pop-up

If a Student has earned a Microdegree for an activity, and subsequently an Admin deletes the Student’s enrollment in that activity or the microdegree award from the activity, the Student would still see the Award pop-up when clicked on from their Profile page. We have addressed this so that the Microdegree is still listed on the Profile page but no Award pop-up is shown when clicked on.


Profile Menu doesn’t display when Admin views Assessment Responses

If an Admin is viewing responses for an Assessment and clicks on the Profile icon at the top right of the screen, the Profile menu will display as empty. We have fixed this problem so that the Profile menu will display correctly in this situation.



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