Release Notes - Week Ending March 17th, 2017

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Removal of CC field from Report Subscription pop-up

Following up from the Report Permissions improved enhancement documented in the February 23rd Release Notes, we have removed the “Additional CC email addresses” field from the report subscription pop-up, since that field isn’t applicable anymore:


As you may recall, reporting permissions require authentication, so that if a Restricted Admin needs to view a report, they will need the Reports field set to “Specified Reports” or “All reports” on their User Properties page. You’ll also want to verify that the Admin Permissions for the report (under the Actions tab) are set to “Share with other admins” and that the specific Restricted Admins you want to grant permission to are listed in the “Give access to restricted admins” section.


New Microdegree award screen

When satisfying the requirements of a Microdegree, a Student will see an Award screen upon completion of the activity, as well as from their Profile where the Microdegree is listed (after clicking on the Microdegree). If any points are associated with the Activity(s) in the Microdegree, that will display on the Award screen as well.



“Curriculum Activity Course” report field renamed to “Curriculum activity course id”

If an administrator ran a Path Enrollments report, one of the potential columns to include in the report was named “Curriculum Activity Course.” This was confusing, as many admins thought this was pulling in the actual course name (which is accessible via the “Curriculum acitivity name” field). We have renamed this field to “Curriculum activity course id” which will pull in the activity id of the course (activity).





Logging in via small screen resolution didn’t display correctly

If you logged into the LMS on a device with low screen resolution (particularly on a mobile device), the right side of the screen would be cut off:


We have fixed this by introducing white space in the right margin that will display.


After completing Survey, “Take a Survey” action still appears

If an Activity has a Survey attached, and a Student completed the Survey after completing the Activity, they are brought back to the enrollment screen where the action to “Take a Survey” still appeared:


We have changed the “Take a Survey” text to correctly read “Review Survey.”


Instructor Graded Assessment with more than one multiple choice question unreviewable

If a Student submits an Assessment for grading and the Assessment contains more than one multiple choice question, then an Instructor grades the Assessment and reviews all of the Students answers and gradings he gave for each answer, the Instructor wouldn’t see the Student answers on screen. We have corrected this behavior so that the Student answers appear on the Review Gradings screen for the Instructor.




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