Release Notes - Week Ending March 3rd, 2017

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Enhanced Organization Authentication

We have enhanced the ability for authentication at the Branding Organization to allow more than one authentication option. Prior to this enhancement, only one authentication option would be allowed, and users logging into the system would authenticate via that option. While most clients will continue to only have one authentication option, there now exists the ability to define more than one option on the Properties page for a Branding Organization:


Moving forward your account will continue to use the authentication currently in place, and you will see that option selected via the appropriate checkmark in the Authentication Options field. However, if you need to change this or add additional authentication options, please contact your account manager. As before, we can authenticate via Password, Facebook, Google or SAML. Please note that you must have a subdomain specified for authentication options to take effect.

If for some reason you implement more than one authentication method, your users will be able to select which one to use on the system Login screen.


Prerequisite notification improved

When a Student tries to enroll in an Activity which has prerequisites that need to be completed, they receive a pop-up message stating which activity(s) they needed to complete before they were permitted to enroll. The pop-up used to look like this:


Now it looks like this:


Hopefully you can see that this is an improvement!





Link URLs in the system will no longer substitute “%20” for a space

In the system we used to replace spaces in link URLs with %20 characters to validate the URL. However, this caused problems for some clients since inserting %20 characters into the URL wouldn’t work for all sites (especially sites internal to the organization).

Therefore, although we are still validating the URLs, we no longer substitute blank spaces with %20 characters, so that the actual link that is input by the admin will be exactly used.


Paths created via import/integration no longer contain default section

If an admin uses an activity import or integration to create a Path activity, we will no longer define a default section for that Path (i.e., the Path is created empty). Paths created through the user interface, however, will still create an empty default section that can be used.



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