Release Notes - Week Ending February 24th, 2017

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Report Permissions improved

We have enhanced the ability for administrators to better control who can create/edit reports and who can run reports. Previously, report access for Restricted Administrators was all or nothing (set on the User Properties page):

Additionally, a report could be made visible to ‘All Unrestricted Admin’ or ‘All Admin’ on the Report itself (via the Actions dropdown menu):

These permissions have been enhanced to allow the definition of permissions by individual Restricted Administrator. This functionality is similar to how Activity restrictions are defined on the Activity Properties page. Now, on the User Properties page for a Restricted Administrator, there are two fields:

The Reports field will allow this Restricted Administrator the following permissions:

  • Off – cannot run any reports
  • Specified Reports – can only run those reports where they are given the access permission on a report’s Admin Permissions screen (see below)
  • All reports – can run all reports

The Reports edit field will allow this Restricted Adminstrator the ability to create and edit reports where they are permitted to do so, again based on the access permission on a report’s Admin Permissions screen.

The Admin Permissions screen now looks like this:

If you are the report creator, you can check the Share with other admins box, which will automatically share this report with all other Unrestricted Administrators, as well as any Restricted Administrators you specifically define via the “Add admin permission” button. Any Restricted Administrators listed here will be able to run, create and edit reports based on the permissions set on their User Properties page for the Reports and Reports edit fields (and all Restricted Administrators will be able to run, create and edit the report if the Reports field is set to “All reports” and the Reports edit field is set to “On”).

Note: Intellum has pre-configured these permissions for your reports so that if you previously chose to share a report with “All Admin,” the names of all Unrestricted Administrators and any designated Restricted Administrators will display on a report’s Admin Permissions screen if their old “Reports” settings was set to “On.”


New locale added – Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

We have added a new locale so that Chinese speakers now have a localization choice in their account. Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) has been added as a new locale. The pre-existing locale “Chinese” has been renamed to “Simplified Chinese,” and those users who previously had “Chinese” selected will now see their locale display as “Simplified Chinese.”


Formatting for date strings in imports/exports has been standardized

We have standardized the date format for imports and exports in the LMS to follow the ISO standard of YYYY-MM-DD (four-digit year/two-digit month/two-digit day). All text labels and examples in the system’s imports and integrations will now display in this format. Although we support other date formats (in the user interface), we highly recommend, as a best practice, that all dates for CSV uploads be defined in this standardized format to alleviate any date confusion (such as MM/DD/YY vs. DD/MM/YY conventions).


‘URL’ field added to Bulk Session Import

In an effort to continually improve the capabilities of our bulk import functionality, a URL field was added to the Bulk Session Import. Column AD in the .CSV file now will accept a URL if you need to communicate this information to your Students for a particular session.




Leading/Trailing spaces on Assessment/Survey name caused an issue with Reports

If an Administrator created an Assessment, Survey or Survey Campaign that had leading or trailing spaces in its name (e.g., “  Alternate Energy Quiz” or “Energy Basics Quiz    “), this would impact reporting results, particularly for the Survey Responses report. No results would be returned when indeed data actually existed for the report query.

We have addressed this issue by stripping the leading and trailing spaces from the name field so that the reports can run and display the expected results.


Could attempt to add Survey to an Activity if no Surveys existed

If an Account had no Surveys defined in it, an Administrator could still attempt to add one via the “Add” button on the Activity’s Properties page in the Survey section (although the dropdown would be empty since no Surveys existed). After the Add button was pressed, a screen of garbled text would display.

This bug has been fixed so that if no Surveys exist in an Account, the Administrator will see the following message in the Survey section on the Activity’s Properties page:


‘Activity Type’ filter in Catalog doesn’t show translations

If a Student had a localized language set in their Profile (other than English) and navigated to the “All Activities” view in the Catalog, the dropdown filter didn’t show translations for the different activity types. This problem has been addressed so that the correct, translated activity types will display:



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