Release Notes - Week Ending February 10th, 2017

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Requests Notification added to menu

Admins (Both Unrestricted and Restricted with the appropriate permissions) will now see a highlighted notification ‘badge’ display next to the Requests menu item in the left navigation. This notification will display the number of requests that require Admin approval or denial.


‘Response Visibility’ text on Assessment Properties page improved

On the Assessment Properties page, there was an option titled ‘Response visibility in student reports.’ This option allows an Admin to select which responses the Students sees when they review the Assessment after completion. To make this more clear, we’ve changed the text label to say ‘Response visibility when student reviews,’ and changed the ‘Hide Correct Responses’ option to say ‘Show Only Incorrect Responses’ in the dropdown.


Assessment Properties and Resources sections re-ordered on Activity Properties pages

In order to maintain consistency across all Activity types, the following sections have been moved:

  • The Assessment Properties section on the Assessment Properties page has been moved up, just underneath the General properties.
  • On the Event Properties page, the Resources section has been moved up, just underneath the General properties.


Microdegree fields added to Activity Enrollments report

We have added the ability to report on Microdegree data. On the Activity Enrollments report, the following four fields (columns) have been added:

  • Certification name
  • Certification description
  • User certification created at
  • User certification expires on





Link Activity URLs containing spaces didn’t work

If a Link Activity’s URL contained spaces, a Student clicking on that link would receive a ‘404 – File not found’ error. For example, the link to the following pdf file wouldn’t work: energy report.pdf

We have fixed this problem so that link URLs that contain spaces work fine.


Unable to download iCal file for a recurring monthly Session

If an Admin had defined a Session that recurs on a monthly basis, they would be unable to download the iCal (.ics) file from the Session’s Properties page, instead receiving an error.

We have fixed this issue so that the iCal file can be successfully downloaded.


Letter triggers show ‘Remind Options’ for all Trigger Types

When editing a ‘Due Date Reminder’ Letter Trigger for an existing Activity, two additional fields show to allow setting reminder date options:

However, these two fields were also showing for all other Trigger Types (Enrollment, Failed, Dropped, etc.). This problem has been addressed so that the two Remind fields only display for the ‘Due Date Reminder’ Trigger Type.


Certificate logos weren’t displaying correctly when previewed

If an Admin uploaded a transparent .PNG file as a Certificate Logo (on the Branding Organization Properties page), the logo image would appear on a black background when previewing or when the Student viewed it, making it difficult to verify the image file.

This has been fixed so that the certificate logo image will preview on a white background.


Custom Field radio button labels were always capitalized

If an Admin created a radio button type custom field and entered text labels that began with lowercase characters, the system would capitalize the labels when used in the system (e.g., displayed on the relevant Properties page or when used in Reporting), which usually was not the intent of the Admin.

We have corrected this so that the text labels will not be capitalized, but be used exactly how they were entered on the Customs page. As a result, Admins should not change the text values of their existing radio button Custom fields if they are being used in Reporting (say, as part of a query).


Admin sidebar menu not always scrollable in Safari

If an Admin is using the Safari browser, when first clicking on the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen, they will be unable to scroll down the slideout menu. Subsequent clicks on the hamburger icon or ‘More’ icon don’t pose a scrolling issue. We have fixed this problem so that the slideout menu is always scrollable in Safari.



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