Release Notes - Week Ending February 3rd, 2017

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Post-Login Process ignored ‘Post Login Landing Page’ setting

Admins can set a Post Login Landing Page on the Properties page for a Branding Organization. If a Student is required to go through any Post-Login process, such as:

  • Accepting Terms and Conditions
  • Setting their timezone, or
  • Changing their password

then they would instead be directed to the default landing page.  We have corrected this behavior so that Students will be directed to the correct Post Login Landing Page even if they are required to go through a Post-Login process.


Instructor submitting a Graded Assessment receives an error

If an Instructor grades an instructor-graded Assessment, they are required to submit the grades at the end of reviewing the assessment:

When the Instructor clicked on the “Submit Assessment Grading” button at the bottom of the page, they would encounter an error. We have fixed this error so that after the Instructor clicks on this button they are correctly directed to the Enrollments page for that Assessment activity.



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