Release Notes - Week Ending January 27th, 2017

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New “Catalog Details” activity import field

We have added a new field to the Bulk Activity Import feature. The ‘Catalog Details’ column has been added as Column J in the .csv file format. As a result, please ensure you adjust subsequent columns in your upload file to account for this added column.

This HTML-compatible field displays extra detail when you click on an Activity from the Catalog.

As a reminder, here is a quick explanation of the different descriptive text fields for an Activity:

  • Description (Column I) – Displays on an Activity’s Enrollment page
  • Summary (Column Y) – Displays as a short description on any of the Catalog pages where the Activity is listed, including the Activity page
  • Catalog Details (Column J) – Displays as a long description on the Activity’s page in the Catalog





SAML login no longer required to change password due to erroneous import

When an Account is setup to use Single Sign-On (SSO), passwords are not stored within the LMS and therefore if a User import is done, the “Is Password Reset Required” field for all users should be set to “false.” If this field was set to “true” for a user, they would be required to change their password before proceeding to the LMS.

For SAML SSO-type accounts, we have corrected this so that regardless of the setting for a User’s “Is Password Reset Required” field, they will not be prompted to change their password.


Google Authentication could not sign in as a different user

If you have an Account configured for Google Authentication and a User is only signed into one Google account, it wasn’t possible to sign into the LMS as a different user. The Google ‘account chooser’ wouldn’t show if you tried to sign in as a different user, effectively logging you into the LMS with the account you had originally logged in under.

We have fixed this problem so that after the initial login and logout, a User will see the Google account chooser and may choose to login under a different account, if one exists.



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