Import Enrollment Data for an Activity Using a .CSV File

Instead of manually enrolling users into an Activity, you can bulk enroll a list of users who are defined in a .CSV file (commonly created in Excel). Please be sure your .CSV file is appropriately formatted before continuing.


Go to the Activity you want to Enroll Users into

  • Find the Activity on the Activities Page
  • Click on the Activity title


Ensure the Activity has a Code assigned

In order to successfully import enrollment data for an Activity, the Activity must have a unique Code defined for it.

  • Click on the Properties tab at the top of the page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the first section at the top of the page and enter in a unique Code if one doesn't already exist. Most clients use a simple classification system to assign codes to Activities, so enter in a series of characters that will aid you in identifying this Activity.
  • Click on the Save Changes button.


Go to the Enrollments import screen

  • Click on the Enrollments tab at the top of the page.
  • Click the Import button in the top right corner.


Check that your .CSV enrollment file is in an accurate format

Use the instructions on the Bulk Enrollments Import screen to ensure your .CSV file is built/formatted properly.


Note - the following fields are required in the .CSV file:

  • Enrollment Code - each row must include a unique Enrollment Code that has never been used before (including prior imports). We recommend concatenating the activity code and user code with the current date (e.g., LINK_002_chan_firstlight_20170119). This will prevent duplicates from occurring which would cause previously imported enrollment data to be overwritten.
  • User Code
  • Enrolled On
  • Status

Here is an example .CSV file viewed in Excel:


Upload the .CSV enrollment file

Scroll to the bottom of the Bulk Enrollments Import screen and click the Choose File button. After choosing the file from your computer, click the Upload button.


Review Information, Choose Time Zone and Finalize Upload

A screen like the one below will display with your Enrollment information in place. The example shows a file that has enrollment information for four users. You can enroll any number of users via the Import, however if you are enrolling a very large amount of users, waiting until after hours will allow the import to run more quickly.

If the information displayed is accurate, select the appropriate Time Zone in the dropdown box and click the Import file button to finalize your enrollment(s). You will receive a notification email when the import has finished.

Note: As you can see, you also have the option to Upload a different file. If the information you've reviewed is inaccurate, use a different file or update your current file to better match the required format, and then try again by clicking the Upload a different file link.

Note: Doing an activity enrollment in this manner will not send out an enrollment letter.



Check System Log - You can check your System Log to see the import job being queued and completed.

View Enrollments - Back on the Enrollments page for the Activity, you can see the enrollments that you imported. Use the Filters dropdown to view users with different assigned statuses.



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