Release Notes - Week Ending January 20th, 2017

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Profile icons showed as a square in Admin view

We recently updated the Profile icon that appears at the top right of the screen so that it showed in a circle instead of a square. The icon was appearing correctly in Student view, but not in Admin view. We have fixed this so that the Profile icon appears in a circle in Admin view.


‘None’ option for custom lists was not localized

All custom lists in the LMS have a default of ‘None’ that displays as the first list entry. If a user was logged in under a language other than English, ‘None’ wouldn’t be translated into the relevant localized language. We have corrected this problem so that the ‘None’ option is localized.


Activity Description text would sometimes overlap Comments in IE 11

When using Internet Explorer 11, if a user was logged in under a language other than English, the text for the Activity description would sometimes overlap the Comments area (depending on the amount of text in the Activity description and the language being used).

We have fixed this issue so that regardless of language and the amount of Activity description text being displayed, no text overlap will occur.


Status issues with Surveys

These particular issues popped up recently as well:

  1. If an administrator went to check the responses of a completed Survey activity, the completed Surveys would display with a status of “Needs grading” (a Status reserved only for instructor-graded Assessments).

Because of this, there was no way to close out the Survey. We have corrected this problem so that all completed Surveys show a status of ‘Completed.’

  1. If a Student started a Survey and did not complete it, when an Administrator checked the responses of the Student’s Survey, the Survey status would display as ‘in-progress’ on the Responses page, but as ‘Completed’ after clicking on the Student’s name and viewing the responses.

This bug has been fixed so that ‘In-Progress’ correctly displays on an individual Student's Response page.


Support has ended for all versions of Internet Explorer below IE 11

Since Microsoft ended support of older versions of Internet Explorer (those earlier than IE 11) early in 2016, we have been displaying warning messages within the LMS of issues that are caused when using these deprecated browser versions. We are no longer displaying these warnings and have fully aligned with Microsoft, therefore ending support of all versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE 11. If your organization is using a version of IE prior to IE 11, you may notice some user interface issues when using the LMS.




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