Release Notes - Week Ending January 13th, 2017

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Some localized dates were not displaying in the proper, native format

For some localization languages in the system, dates wouldn’t appear in the native format, instead defaulting to the American format. For example, if you are localizing in German, dates would display in the American format (Friday, January 13th, 2017) instead of the correct German format (Freitag, 13.Januar 2017).

We have corrected this problem so that dates in the LMS display in the relevant, localized format. We use Unicode’s Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) to format certain types of data (including dates) into their localized equivalents.


Addressed issues when updating Profile data

We’ve addressed two minor issues when users update their Profile data through the user interface:

  1. Any errors that displayed after updating profile data showed up twice.

2.  If the profile data successfully updated, a confirmation message displays. If the student changes their Preferred Language, the message would display in the old language, not the new one.

We have fixed both of these issues, so that errors only display once and the confirmation message displays in the new, updated language.


“Switch” buttons have been moved to the bottom of the Unified Navigation menu

The “Switch to Admin View” and “Switch to Learner View” buttons that were at the top of the Unified Navigation menus have been moved to the bottom of the menus. This, of course, only impacts administrators in the system.



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