Release Notes - Week Ending 12/23/2016

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Unified Navigation

In an effort to provide a more intuitive user experience for everyone, we have improved the navigation elements within the LMS. How you ask? In addition to the App Switcher that rolled out over the last few weeks, we’ve streamlined navigation by pinning the navigation elements to the side for easy access, as well as providing easy switching between the Admin and Learner (Student) views. You can get a better understanding of the new unified navigation in action in this two minute video:

Password: #updatednav

Admin View:


Student View:


Note: Upon initial login, all users (including admins) will be taken to the Learner view. When an admin clicks on the “Switch to Admin View” button, they will be taken to the first admin section they are allowed to access. For example, Restricted Admins may have only “reports” access so they will go there directly and that item will be the only one in the menu.


New Import – “Assign Restricted Admin”

We have added a new import on the Activity List page that enables administrators to bulk map Restricted Admin to “specified” Activities and Sessions. Prior to this enhancement, Restricted Admin needed to be assigned admin permissions individually through the user interface via the Activity’s Properties page.

This new import requires the following three columns of information:

  • Admin Permission Code (unique identifier, which allows you to sync changes later)
  • User Code (of the Restricted Admin)
  • Activity Code




App Switcher opens new apps in the same browser tab

When the App Switcher was used to open a new application, it would open in a new browser tab. We have changed this so that the new application opens in the same browser tab. So, for example, if you are in Exceed and use the App Switcher to go to the Tribe app, you will remain in the same browser tab.


Comments scroll doesn’t work after completing an Activity

If comments are enabled for an Activity, after a Student completed the Activity and clicked on the “Leave A Comment” option in the action bar, nothing would happen.

We have fixed this problem by scrolling the window down to the Comments section so that the ability to enter a Comment is easily viewed after the “Leave A Comment” option is clicked.


Auto Enrollments Log Entries not available in Log Entries Report

Auto Enrollments are valid, classified entries in the System Log, viewable on the System Log page.

However, if a Log Entries Report was run, no Auto Enrollments would display in the report. We have fixed this so that the correct number of Auto Enrollment jobs will display in the Log Entries Report.


Students could relaunch dropped Activities

If a Student was enrolled into an Activity and was dropped from it (either by an administrator or by the Student themselves), they could navigate to the History page (or to the Recently Completed section of their My List page) and relaunch that Activity. We have fixed this behavior so that dropped Activities cannot be relaunched.



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