Release Notes - Week Ending 12/16/2016

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App Switcher improvements

We have implemented two enhancements to the new app switcher:

  1. Administrators will now see the app switcher from the Admin view.
  2. Any external apps opened from the app switcher will open in a new browser tab, preserving the state of the application you were originally in.


‘Exempt a student from the rest of the Path if this activity is Passed’ now available for all activity types

Prior to this enhancement, only assessments and SCORM/AICC file activities (activity types which produced a mastery score) would have the “Exempt a student from the rest of the Path if this activity is Passed” Path setting available to them. Now, ALL activity types will have this setting available.




Deactivated users should not receive report subscription emails

If a user is deactivated in the LMS who was subscribed to a report, they would still receive the report subscription emails. We have fixed this issue so that deactivated users will not receive report subscription emails.


Organization validation added for account (API)

It was possible to make API calls that set the organization_id to an invalid organization for an account. We have added validation to ensure that the organization belongs to the account if the organization_id is being changed. The User API will now return an appropriate error if the organization_id is invalid.



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